About Nicky
We all have an awesomeness and charisma. It’s time to shine for being you!

Finally realising it herself, Nicky’s on a mission to help others tap into and flaunt it!

So, she ditched a long career in journalism and government/political communications to specialise in Image Consulting.

Don’t mistake her for being a stylist – what’s trendy is not her thing.

Nicky specialises in helping clients nail their first and lasting impression through how they present themselves and communicate. Think of it as people packaging if you like.

Nicky’s professional background, as a partner in their Riverina farming business, and a mum, has given her plenty of life experience to keep her real. She’s met and worked with people from all walks of life – from the Prime Minister’s office to mums and dads – with a knack to connect and empathise at all levels.

By working with Nicky, you’re in the hands of a skilled and engaging image consultant who’s absolutely committed to you and your needs. As a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), she helps clients not just in the NSW Border region but further afield.

When not with clients? She gets her kicks people watching (but not in a creepy way!), geeking out over human behaviour research, hiding in a corner chuckling at Far Side cartoons, chilling with hubby Grant and feisty daughter Ollie, running with her four-legged mate Banjo, baking, and eating anything chocolate…..ok…and drinking wine!

Why work with Nicky?

Nicky’s knowledge enables her to show clients how to wear colours and clothes to maximum effect through a detailed analysis. Be it a business meeting. Establishing authority. Appearing approachable. Seeking a promotion or recognition. Or going for a job interview.

She offers a range of services and can customise them to meet your specific needs.

That includes body language and other communication tips for business owners, professionals and job seekers. Gone will be the dreaded small talk, equipping you with engaging conversation skills that’ll make you memorable and dare we suggest it….even enjoy networking!