How To Add Style With Scarves

How To Add Style With Scarves

Feeling drab in your dark winter colours?

Want to look more stylish without buying a new wardrobe?

Want to add interest to, or change your look?

The solution? Wear scarves.

When working with clients, the question on how to wear scarves is frequently raised.

I show them how scarves are a simple, affordable yet effective way to add pizzazz to an outfit.

Here’s how:

  • Start with ensuring you own a scarf made from quality material and in your signature colours (colours that complement you and enhance your features such as eyes, hair and skin).

woman wearing scarf

  • Consider different size,  shape and textured scarves to give you more options as you see here and here, and in the video.
  • Wear colourful scarves to inject some brightness into your winter wear and those grey foggy days.
  • Wear them as a quick and easy way to dress up casual-wear should you need to run errands, duck into the office or do the school/childcare run, ensuring you feel and look good about yourself ….as well as looking respectable should you bump into a colleague, your boss or a client.
  • Throw on a scarf in your favourite colours to lift your mood if working from home and feeling flat.

  •  They’re also great for visually lengthening the body, making you look taller, and hiding a tummy/bloat, when simply worn loose round the neck. See more tips on dressing confidently with bloat.
  • Why not tie a scarf to your bag, adding interest to your look.

Convinced yet?

Great! The good news is that scarves are widely available, not only in retail outlets but op shops and consignment stores. You never know what vintage/designer treasures await you there!

Let us know how you go…..why not share some pics on the Facebook page and share the inspo?

Nicky xx

PS: Many of these scarf tips can be adapted by men.