Do Your Jeans Flatter You?

Do Your Jeans Flatter You?

Finding yourself wearing jeans during the cooler weather?

Jeans are a versatile wardrobe essential but it can sometimes be tricky to find a pair that flatters your body shape and derrière.
The placement of the back pockets can complement or ruin your look As can jeans exposing your underwear because the rise is too low.

If you have a long rise (distance between your waist and leg break), opt for mid or high rise jeans which will fit like low rise jeans without the discomfort.

If you have a short rise, avoid high rise jeans or risk looking like Harry High Pants!


How to measure your rise? Measure from the top of your head (not face) to the chin with a ribbon. Then place that part of the ribbon between your natural waist (where your body bends to the side – below your rib cage and above your hip bone) and leg break (where your leg bends up). If the ribbon falls short, your rise is long. If the ribbon is too long, your rise is short.