Body language

Did you know our feet talk? Yep, seriously. Tune in where I share the code to follow at those work and social events. No more awkward moments when you unintentionally crash a conversation!    

In light of the New Year, I thought I’d share a heart-warming conversation I recently had with my five-year-old daughter, Olive. We were driving to childcare the week before Christmas and Ollie was wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt. She told me how she wished she too had super powers, with a sulky pout on her […]

Did you know there’s around one million signals we send in body language alone? You may have noticed my posts on how we communicate. This is what I am passionate about; because awareness of what we’re saying, and that of others help us to be at our best. Studying, researching and being trained by the […]

I have a confession. Poor customer service drives me bonkers. I know I’m not alone. But is it really the entire fault of the person serving us? Could we, as customers, help make the experience better? Let me share a couple of examples. McDonalds Worker After what seemed like an eternity watching her slowly move […]

You’re at a networking event. Alone and feeling socially awkward, you scan the room for people you know. Jackpot; two acquaintances are talking nearby. The question is, should you join them or not? The trick is to watch and read their feet. Why? Because they’re the most honest part of the body. Body language expert […]