Did you know the colours that suit us change as we get older? As we age, we start losing pigment in our hair (making it go grey), skin (softening the complexion) and eyes (losing and/or changing colour). Loss of estrogen through menopause can also change our natural colouring (…well for the women). So those bright […]

Feeling drab in your dark winter colours? Want to look more stylish without buying a new wardrobe? Want to add interest to, or change your look? The solution? Wear scarves. When working with clients, the question on how to wear scarves is frequently raised. I show them how scarves are a simple, affordable yet effective […]

Earlier this week I posted a colour challenge for you all on the What’s My Style Facebook page. I asked which blue-tone dress looked better on Julia Roberts. Most of you responded the dress on the right, which is correct. Well done! Here’s why. Julia Roberts’ natural skin colour has a warm undertone. The dress […]

Ever had someone ask if you’re feeling okay? Or comment how well you look? Chances are the colours you’re wearing are influencing people’s reaction to, or impression of you. Colour is widely used in marketing and advertising to communicate a company’s message. We do it too. Intentionally by those who know the power of colour […]