Do you dread small talk at networking events or functions?

I’m going to begin with a little Sleep 101. While we sleep, our brain is at work recharging and sorting through the day’s memories, either discarding or filing them away. You know those mornings when you wake up before the alarm clock, feeling refreshed and clear headed? That’s when your brain has done its job. […]

Earlier this week I posted a colour challenge for you all on the What’s My Style Facebook page. I asked which blue-tone dress looked better on Julia Roberts. Most of you responded the dress on the right, which is correct. Well done! Here’s why. Julia Roberts’ natural skin colour has a warm undertone. The dress […]

Ever had someone ask if you’re feeling okay? Or comment how well you look? Chances are the colours you’re wearing are influencing people’s reaction to, or impression of you. Colour is widely used in marketing and advertising to communicate a company’s message. We do it too. Intentionally by those who know the power of colour […]

“I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not qualified enough”…… Ever think this? If so, it’s time to tame your Lizard brain and take charge. The ‘Lizard brain’ is the oldest part of the brain responsible for primitive survival instincts. Anatomically known as the Amygdala, it’s responsible for our fight or flight response. […]

Ever get confused about what style of glass frames suit your face? Here’s a guide to help make your decision easier. The Fit: Ensure the frame size is in scale with your face size. Does the frame sit comfortably and stay in place? Is the pupil position just in from the centre of the lens? […]

Ever wondered why your outfit doesn’t looked quite right? It could be that your neckline or accessories are out of sync with your body proportions. I am sharing with you a simple yet effective style tip on Balance Points. Balance Points help to determine where to wear your necklines, jewellery and other details. Given much of […]

Do you dread small talk at networking events or functions? Do you struggle with what to talk about to someone you’ve just met? Do you find yourself talking too much to avoid those awkward silences? First of all, take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly to help relax yourself. Then listen. With the intention […]

Given 93 percent of first impressions is unrelated to what we say, body language is a powerful thing. If you make a bad impression, it can take 21 more encounters with that person to reverse it. No pressure! Am sharing an interesting and informative article on body language by – Much of it […]