Did you know our feet talk? Yep, seriously. Tune in where I share the code to follow at those work and social events. No more awkward moments when you unintentionally crash a conversation!    

In light of the New Year, I thought I’d share a heart-warming conversation I recently had with my five-year-old daughter, Olive. We were driving to childcare the week before Christmas and Ollie was wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt. She told me how she wished she too had super powers, with a sulky pout on her […]

Ever experience the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name? They’re chatting to you and while you remember their face, you struggle to recall where and when you met them. All the while, you’re not properly listening to what they’re saying…… For the handy tips, read my article in the Huff Post.

Did you know there’s around one million signals we send in body language alone? You may have noticed my posts on how we communicate. This is what I am passionate about; because awareness of what we’re saying, and that of others help us to be at our best. Studying, researching and being trained by the […]

What are your struggles when it comes to looking and importantly, feeling, confident? Summer can be a particularly challenging time when it comes to any body images we may have. I get it, I’ve been there too. Rather than starting 2018 with pledges to lose weight or whatever to make ourselves feel better, why not […]

You’re at a networking event. Alone and feeling socially awkward, you scan the room for people you know. Jackpot; two acquaintances are talking nearby. The question is, should you join them or not? The trick is to watch and read their feet. Why? Because they’re the most honest part of the body. Body language expert […]

Did you know the colours that suit us change as we get older? As we age, we start losing pigment in our hair (making it go grey), skin (softening the complexion) and eyes (losing and/or changing colour). Loss of estrogen through menopause can also change our natural colouring (…well for the women). So those bright […]

JANE meets Miranda at a corporate function. Establishing rapport and dialogue with distractions and noise is going to be tough. Jane tries a variety of techniques with some success. She then asks: “What personal passion project are you working on lately?” Miranda’s eyes light up and she enthusiastically shares her passion to instil leadership skills […]

I’m going to begin with a little Sleep 101. While we sleep, our brain is at work recharging and sorting through the day’s memories, either discarding or filing them away. You know those mornings when you wake up before the alarm clock, feeling refreshed and clear headed? That’s when your brain has done its job. […]

Ever had someone ask if you’re feeling okay? Or comment how well you look? Chances are the colours you’re wearing are influencing people’s reaction to, or impression of you. Colour is widely used in marketing and advertising to communicate a company’s message. We do it too. Intentionally by those who know the power of colour […]

“I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not qualified enough”…… Ever think this? If so, it’s time to tame your Lizard brain and take charge. The ‘Lizard brain’ is the oldest part of the brain responsible for primitive survival instincts. Anatomically known as the Amygdala, it’s responsible for our fight or flight response. […]