Did you know there’s around one million signals we send in body language alone? You may have noticed my posts on how we communicate. This is what I am passionate about; because awareness of what we’re saying, and that of others help us to be at our best. Studying, researching and being trained by the […]

Did you know the colours that suit us change as we get older? As we age, we start losing pigment in our hair (making it go grey), skin (softening the complexion) and eyes (losing and/or changing colour). Loss of estrogen through menopause can also change our natural colouring (…well for the women). So those bright […]

JANE meets Miranda at a corporate function. Establishing rapport and dialogue with distractions and noise is going to be tough. Jane tries a variety of techniques with some success. She then asks: “What personal passion project are you working on lately?” Miranda’s eyes light up and she enthusiastically shares her passion to instil leadership skills […]