Are The Colours You’re Wearing Flattering You?

Are The Colours You’re Wearing Flattering You?

You know when people comment on a garment you’re wearing but maybe not you? Or ask if you’re feeling alright, suggest you look tired or thought you were older? Then there are those times when people comment how well, relaxed you look. 

There’s a strong chance the colours you’re wearing are influencing those impressions of you. It’s because our faces reflect the colours we wear. 

Unflattering colours can make you look dull, tired, larger, older as well as highlight skin blemishes including wrinkles and double chins. Flattering colours can make you look healthier, vibrant, younger, slimmer. 

This was demonstrated on my recent Facebook post and again in this blog – the black dulled my complexion and eyes, while the blue did the opposite and gave a more flattering, vibrant glow. 

nicky black nicky blueLike many, I had a number of black garments in my closet yet never felt that great wearing the colour. After learning my colours, I now know why.  

And while black is regarded a slimming colour – for the fact that it recedes – if it, or any colour for that matter, doesn’t suit you it can actually draw unwanted attention to your body because it’s noticed. Perhaps try a darker colour that suits you better – there are many gorgeous rich colours to choose from. 

In the meantime, there would understandably be a reluctance to cull one’s closet be it for economic or attachment reasons, or until you build up a collection of colour compatible garments.  

So what to do with those colours that aren’t so great on you? Here are some tips to help you always look and feel fabulous.  

  • Keep the colour away from your face
  • Wear it on your bottom half
  • Wear another colour between it and your skin
  • Wear an accessory such as scarf or jewellery in a flattering colour near your face
  • Keep it to less than 10 per cent of your entire outfit
  • Show more skin (appropriately) as your skin will always suit you
  • Wear more makeup to keep the focus on your face

Hope this helps. Have fun experimenting with colour.