Why Dress To Your Body Scale

Why Dress To Your Body Scale

Ever worn a garment or an accessory and it never looked or felt quite right?

I recall this experience a few times myself, before learning to dress to your body scale be it a small, medium or large frame.

That is, the size and volume of a garment, prints and detail, as well as jewellery, bags and other accessories.

When you think about it, a garment that’s voluminous or has large prints is going to swamp a petite person, who’ll struggle to be noticed.

On the other hand, petite prints or accessories will make a larger person appear bigger.

To get a clearer perspective, have a look at the images below. Which of the centre circles is bigger?

body scaleSource: Wikipedia

You will see the centre circle on the right appears larger. A dainty bracelet on a large wrist will have a similar visual effect.

The centre circle on the left appears smaller. So imagine, for example, how a large, chunky necklace would make a small neck look even smaller.

Unless of course, you want to diminish your size further, by up-scaling the detail or accessory.

Here are some examples of matching to body scale.


dressing to your body scale - jewellery


dressing to your body scale - prints


dressing to your body scale - accessoriesHow to tell if your body scale is small, medium or large?

Go by the following measurements.

Around the wrist 14cm14-18cm18+ cm
Around the ankles 19 cm19-23cm23 cm
Source: Academy of Professional Image 

OR use below as a guide.

Small/fine frame

Short and slim

Small to medium scale 
Medium frame

Short and rounded

Medium height and weight

Tall and slim

Medium scale 
Large frame

Tall and rounded

Large scale 
Source: Academy of Professional Image 

So what if you want to wear smaller or larger prints or accessories to your scale?

To keep some harmony to your appearance, move up or down a scale. For example, a petite person could opt to wear something more medium scale. A larger framed person who prefers fine jewellery would also ideally move down to medium scale. People with a medium frame can go either way.

At the end of the day, you wear what reflects your personality and makes you happy and feel fabulous.