How To Ensure Accessory Trends Flatter You

How To Ensure Accessory Trends Flatter You

With chokers, neckerchiefs and statement jewellery among the popular accessory trends this spring/summer, it’s helpful knowing how to wear them in a way that flatter you.

Starting with knowing your neck length.

Do how do you determine your neck length?

  • Place your hand against your neck with your index, middle, ring and pinky fingers together.
  • If the width of these four fingers fit from the base of your chin to your collar bone, you have an average neck length.
  • If you can only fit three or less fingers, you have a short neck.
  • If you can fit more than four fingers, you have a long neck.

If you have an average size neck, there’s some flexibility regarding the size of accessories.

If you have a short neck, avoid chunky accessories as your neck will appear shorter and wider. Opt for a finer choker or longer fringed pendants that are now on-trend. For neckerchiefs, why not tie and wear it low or try a skinny scarf for a flattering look.

If you have a long neck, large chokers and statement accessories are ideal for flattering your neckline.

Large, elongated and shoulder duster earrings are also prominent this season. Be mindful earrings that go past the chin will emphasise the length of a neck. Something to consider if you have a short neck.

Also look for earrings that complement the shape of your face. For example, angular earrings for angular features and curved shapes for curved facial features. If wearing statement earrings, allow them to be the hero of your outfit. Adding a necklace can make the look too busy and distracting.


Remember to match accessories to your body scale (small, medium or large frame) and personality. If you’re classic or feminine, choose finer and dainty pieces. If you’re dramatic, then go for your life and make that statement!

Lastly, refer to your Balance Points for the most flattering necklace and neckline length on you.