How To Beat Bloat and Look And Feel Stylish

How To Beat Bloat and Look And Feel Stylish

You know those days when you feel bloated and horrible? No matter what size we are, many of us would experience the dreaded `bloat day’ be it triggered by a period, poor diet or other causes. The result? Our clothes feel tight and uncomfortable, nothing seems to look good on, and our confidence plummets as a result.

The good news is there are ways to beat the effect of bloat through some simple styling tips. The aim is to stylishly cover the bloated tummy and face the day feeling and looking great.

Wear Monochromatic Colours
Monochromatic colours create an unbroken vertical line, making you look taller and slimmer. Because it’s one colour, why not keep the look interesting by choosing garments with interesting prints, texture or design.

fat days - monochromatic
Wear A Tunic
Wear a tunic which covers the tummy with comfortable pants such as jeggings or leggings. Choose an interesting pattern and add some stylish boots, bag and accessories to elevate your style. Keep shoes the same colour as the pants to make your legs look longer.
fat days - tunic
Wear Prints
Wear a garment with a repeating print to detract attention from the tummy area. Repeating prints are great at keeping the eyes moving rather than focusing on a particular area of the body. They also add fun to an outfit. Because the printed garment is the hero piece of your outfit, keep shoes and accessories fun but simple.

fat days - repeating print
Wear A Coat Or Vest As A Standalone Outfit
Why not wear your favourite coat or vest by itself? Tie it at the waist and wear as a dress or throw on some jeans and heels, grab a handbag and off you go, looking stylish and chic. A trench coat is a great option, and while tied, it defines your waist whilst covering a bloated tummy.
fat days - trench dress


Wear A Long Scarf
Throw a scarf around your neck and hang it loose over some jeans/pants and top. The scarf worn long creates a vertical line, visually elongating and slimming the body while covering the tummy. Why not add a belt over the scarf for an interesting twist to your outfit?
fat days - long scarf
Keep The Focus On Your Face
Wear patterns on top and fabulous accessories be it a statement necklace, earrings, brooch, hat, scarf or glasses to draw attention away from your tummy area up to your face.
fat days - accessories

Other tips from personal experience include starting the day with a hot drink of lemon and water, drinking herbal tea, daily exercise, taking evening primrose and probiotics each morning and (trying) to avoid alcohol during the week (depending on the toddler ?). What do you do to beat bloat?
I hope this helps!