How To Flatter Your Neckline

How To Flatter Your Neckline


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought something about your outfit is not right but you can’t figure out why?

There’s a chance it’s related to the outfit being out of balance with your body proportions. If it’s on the upper part of your body – or your portrait area – then it will certainly be noticeable.

Here’s a handy tip for determining the best area on your upper body for necklines, necklaces and other details by finding your Balance Points.

First measure your face length, from hairline to chin (refer to dark blue lines on image below).

Drop down that same distance from your chin to chest. This is your first Balance Point. 

balance points illustration

Next, measure from the widest part of your face to the chin (refer to aqua lines on image).

Drop down that same distance, starting from your shoulder (not chin). This is your second Balance Point.

By ensuring your necklines or accessories are rightly placed, use these Balance Points as a guide.

For example, if the neckline of the top you’re wearing is at or above the second Balance Point, place a necklace, brooch or other detail on your first Balance Point.

If the neckline is at your first Balance Point, place some detail at your second Balance Point.

If you rather focus on one Balance Point when dressing, refer to the first one.

So why refer to your Balance Points? They are a guide for where not to wear necklines or detail on your body. If the neckline is above your second Balance Point, it will visually shorten your neck which can be unflattering. Whereas a longer neckline is more slimming.

Having your neckline or detail between the two Balance Points will also be less appealing.

A useful tool in ensuring you look, and feel fabulous!