How To Mix Prints

How To Mix Prints

Bored with your wardrobe?

Have you thought about mixing prints to add some colour and interest?

How you mix prints will depend on your personality. Wearing bold, clashing prints reflect the more creative or dramatic personality styles. If you are more conservative, you’re likely to prefer smaller, softer or neutral prints like stripes.

Also consider your colour contrast level. A person with a higher colour contrast level (ie. blue or green eyes with blonde or red hair) can successfully wear a mix of coloured prints. Whereas someone with a low contrast level (ie. brown hair and eyes) looks great in monochromatic colours or a colour with a neutral shade.

Now how to mix prints successfully? Here are some tips to remember:

Mix prints with the same colour intensity (soft with soft, bright with bright).

how to mix prints - colour intensityKeep the undertone of colours the same (warm with warm, cool with cool).

  how to mix prints - same colour undertone

Keep the value of colours the same (ie. light with light, dark with dark).

 how to mix prints - colour value

Keep the density of prints different (small with large print or busy with sparse print).

 how to mix prints - keep density different

If the colours in the prints don’t exactly match, ensure they look similar and harmonious.

Neutral prints such stripes and animal print are easier to mix with other prints.  Or mix them together for a great look. 

how to mix prints - stripes and animal print

Try mixing different prints in the same colour, keeping in mind the above tips on intensity, value and undertone. 

 how to mix prints - mixing prints with same colour

If you really want to make a statement, try mixing genres such as a boho skirt with a printed rocker t-shirt. 

 how to mix prints - mixing genres

And with prints being on trend, there’s no shortage to choose from.

Have fun experimenting!