Your Professional Image
Whether we like it or not, our first impression can influence the outcome of a job interview, a meeting with a client, or how investors respond during a pitch.

Research shows image consulting (that thing I do) has a positive effect on our self esteem, self confidence and therefore personal happiness.

And ultimately leads to greater opportunities professionally.

I show you how to communicate, and dress, to your advantage. Be it wanting to look authoritative. As a leader. More professional. Approachable. Competent. Successful. Sophisticated. Whatever it is you want to be!

Armed with this valuable knowledge, your professional image will be noticed and rewarded.

Ready to stand out and be memorable?
Colour Analysis

Did you know colours can influence how we’re perceived? Here’s another Did You Know….that between 62-90 per cent of interactions are influenced by colour alone*.

Studies also show colour can influence our mood.

Put simply, the colours we wear can make us look, and feel professional and authoritative or incompetent and timid. Which do you prefer?

Colour conveys meanings through natural association or psychological/cultural symbolism. For example, red is the colour of fire and blood (natural) yet is associated with power, strength, leadership, ambition, aggression and arrogance (psychological).

Without sounding stuffy, we really should consider if the colours we wear communicate our message or distract from it, be it attending a meeting or presenting. Our world leaders do….take note of the colour ties worn by the US President, even our own PM!

Here’s the kicker….the wrong colours can dull our complexion, highlight blemishes and wrinkles, make us look older, even larger or shorter…are generally unflattering.

The good news is the right colours can make us look healthier, younger, more vibrant, attractive, as well as slimmer and taller. Yeah!

And that’s exactly what I do during a Colour Analysis; determine colours compatible with your natural colouring, your contrast levels and importantly, how to wear colour to your advantage.

Oh, you’ll also receive a colour swatch, a booklet on your personal colouring and lots more.

*Research by University of Winnipeg, Canada; `The Impact of Color on Marketing’

Investment: $330 for up to three hours. Consultation to take place in your home or office.*

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Style Analysis

Given we’ve got just milliseconds to nail a first impression, it’s a no brainer that how we present ourselves matters.

Our image can influence colleagues’ perception and treatment of us, our prospects of promotion and longevity of our employment.

Wearing ill-fitting clothes, distracting prints or poor grooming makes us look sloppy and sends the wrong message to others. Decked out in a tailored suit or clothes will make us appear (and feel) professional, competent and reliable.

My job is to determine your body shape, scale and proportions, and personality style resulting in a professional image that’s uniquely you.

You’ll also receive a style book with your details, helpful tips and advice, plus ongoing support and advice.

With this knowledge and more, you’ll know how to present yourself for whatever occasion and confidently go for that job or promotion you deserve!

Investment: $350 over three to four hours. Consultation to take place in the comfort of your home or office.*

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VIRTUAL CONSULTS: Don’t live in my patch? No worries, we can do the long distance thing…..we’ll do the consult virtually. It’ll still feel as if I’m right by your side helping you wherever you are. Let’s talk more including time zones.

Wardrobe Edit

Have a closet full of work clothes but feel you’ve got nothing to wear? Drives you crazy doesn’t it, wasting precious time trying to figure out what the heck to wear. 

Then you walk out the door lacking confidence because of what you’re wearing. If we let it, it can affect our mood and day….but we can avoid it.

I work with you to create the ideal wardrobe that meets your work and lifestyle needs so you can get on with the stuff that matters.

Investment: $320 for up to three hours. Consultation to take place in your home.*

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Uniforms and Dress Codes

Need a dress code or uniforms for your staff? Maybe they prefer a uniform to prevent that dreaded ‘what to wear’ nightmare in the morning.

All good, I help you decide the right style and colours that your staff will look and feel good in, which matters. And then work in collaboration with business-corporate uniform specialists on your behalf. My go-to specialist is award-winning….so yes, she’s awesome.

Or perhaps you want advice on dress codes for your staff – after all, they represent you and your business….I give them the more fancy title as Directors of First Impressions.

Just remember, happy staff leads to better performance, presence, customer relations, loyalty and your business’ ongoing success.

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STOP what you’re doing for a sec!  

What is your posture doing? What about your gestures? Facial expression? What’s the tone of that email you’re writing? What about your appearance? 

Our appearance is a significant part of our body language. If anyone with serious cred can confirm it, it’s former FBI counterintelligence agent, trainer and author, Joe Navarro.

“Clothing needs to be considered in the overall scheme of non-verbal assessment… is important we wear clothes that are congruent with the message we want to send others, assuming we want to influence their behaviour in a way that is positive or beneficial to us.” 

Then there’s all the other non-verbal cues…..about a million of them for that matter. Which can influence how others relate to us.

For example, a poor posture may indicate to clients we lack confidence in representing them. Lack of eye contact, engagement, and a forced smile, could suggest we’re insincere. Hardly the way to establish rapport and trust in business, or personally!

Then there’s the verbal messages we unintentionally send…..

Ok, take a deep breath…..your head may be spinning…….feeling ok now?

I have great news. Through awareness and practice, we can interact with others effectively, positively and consistently.

I share with you helpful, engaging (code for ‘not falling asleep’) and interactive (code for ‘fun’) communication tips and techniques so you can instantly connect with your clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

Importantly, it’s about being you; just giving you the tools so you can be at your best whatever the situation and whatever you are….introverted, extroverted or like me, an awkward ambivert!

Ready to get cracking?

Contact Nicky to discuss your and/or your staff’s needs. Consultation to take place in your office or other location.*


Are you a career counsellor passionate in helping unemployed clients land their dream job?

Or a school, vocational trainer or university keen to have your graduates thrive in their new career?

You know that presentation and communication skills are paramount in determining first and lasting impressions on a prospective employer.

Why not team up with an equally passionate image coach who’ll equip our young people with vital communication skills, giving them the edge in job interviews, and in every other aspect of their life?

Contact Nicky for workshop options. These are stimulating, interactive and life changing.*

*Travel costs will apply according to distance. Please refer to the Travel Policy in FAQ’s for more details.

  • Jane Bryant
    What’s my Style has empowered me to make confident fashion choices, has taught me when to use bold colours and how to pull it off so I’m not over the top. I’ve never been one for shopping, but that’s also changed, now I can spend ages looking at different colours and styles, I take my colour swatch with me so I can pick pieces in my signature colours. I used to dread trying clothes on, but now when I try clothes on I am choosing pieces I’ve learnt that will suit my shape and complexion; it has turned a horrible experience into something I enjoy immensely. My body confidence is at an all-time high, I feel wonderful, confident.
  • Barbara Strachan
    I responded to the ‘What’s My Style’ makeover on impulse, thinking that I didn’t spend much time thinking about my clothes and could use some advice. Initially I felt apprehensive but soon felt more relaxed as Nicky went through the colour and style analysis with me. The process helped me to consider why certain outfits were my favourites and what styles I preferred and why. It was a relief to find out that some of my clothes were in the colour swatch that best suited me and I have discovered other colours that I now like wearing. I am feeling more confident in matching my outfits, especially adding accessories such as scarves and jewellery to add interest to my outfits.
  • Wendy Davis
    I had the pleasure of being one of Nicky McMillan’s first clients when she started her new business `What’s My Style’. I found Nicky to be very professional and easy to talk to. Nicky didn’t rush me and explained everything to me. I was surprised how many wrong things I was wearing. My highlight was when I visited my Queensland relatives and I was greeted with “Wow you look fantastic. That blue (which I never used to wear) looks fantastic on you”. Nicky continues to follow me up with more ideas and suggested styles for and I find myself sending her photos to see what she thinks. She doesn’t mind and always agrees, or makes a suggestion. I highly recommend Nicky if you want to feel good and get comments like I am getting since I changed my wardrobe.
  • Deb North
    What’s My Style has changed the way I feel about shopping and clothes. After spontaneously booking a style and colour consultation, I was educated in shapes, colours and contrasts that suit not just my body shape, but the many shades of my personality as well. The wardrobe consult is one of the best things I have ever done, freeing me of clothes that did nothing but undermine my confidence in myself. I only wish I had done it sooner. Thank you Nicky, What’s My Style has made such a difference to me.
  • Dee, Anna, Anne and Vicki
    Nicky from What’s My Style has had a great influence on a group of friends here in the NSW Hunter Valley. When Nicky held a style and colour workshop for this group of ladies, we had no idea how it would change our total thinking on what to buy in clothes and colours. We all went to Tasmania for a week’s holiday which included a lot of shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. With our colour swatches in our bags and each other to keep from buying clothing unsuitable, or colours that were not right, we all had the best shopping experience. With the knowledge Nicky gave us, we could confidently go into a shop and buy the right style and colour for us. One lady bought a mauve jacket, a colour she had never thought of wearing. She has worn it to numerous events and been complimented every time. Our shopping experience in Tasmania was so enjoyed by all thanks to Nicky’s inspiration of teaching us older women we can look great also wearing the right colours and style. We all had so much fun doing this knowing the clothes, shoes or accessories were right for us. This has made shopping so much easier and buying what you want, not what you think you need. A huge thankyou to Nicky for all her guidance, patience, expertise and inspiration. You have changed our lives and how we all feel about how we look. Get a group of friends together and experience the same confidence Nicky has given to all us.
  • Sherylyne Moran, Thurgoona Community Centre
    Nicky provided a wonderful workshop called “Body Love and Style” at the Thurgoona Community Centre which had a mixture of information and encouragement. It addressed ladies of all ages and helped the participants to appreciate their own unique style and embrace ideas to enhance their own happiness. It was interactive and relaxed with an atmosphere of mutual acceptance. Nicky’s knowledge, visual presentation, and natural capacity to put people at ease allowed the group to enjoy the experience  and take away valuable insights. Thanks so much for what you did Nicky. It was different to anything else we have every done. I love being part of new initiatives like this – it’s very exciting.
  • Julianne Whyte, Founder and CEO of Amaranth Foundation, NSW Riverina
    Recently, I spent an amazing few hours with Nicky in a professional capacity – but the day was one of the most inspiring and personally rewarding days I have spent. I have to be in Sydney for the award ceremony for the Order of Australia Medal – so was very anxious about first and last impressions. Usually my dress shops are rushed, purchases made in haste, generally doubting my decisions and not sure if what I had decided on (eventually) was right. Nicky knew where to go – she had checked out all the appropriate stores in Albury, and had a selection colours and styles – all choreographed and planned. No rush, no doubts – every selection had its reason and had a story. Nicky taught me about colour, style, pitfalls to avoid, body shapes that are complementary and instead of hating my tummy, my short legs, and other “bad” parts of me, I learnt how to embrace the body I have and dress to my shape and colour. Nicky shared her knowledge and expertise so generously – she is an inspiration and a wonderful friend.

  • Jess Thomas, Corowa
    Oh my goodness, what an amazing woman and experience!! The amount of time, thought and effort that Nicky put into my Personal Shopping trip was truly remarkable! Do yourself a favour & book this woman, you won’t regret one second!
  • Rebecca O'Brien, founder of BRIE Corporate
    I chose to do a colour analysis to ensure the clothing I wear professionally and personally suit me and enhance my best features. I also have a plan to design a bespoke fabric that uses my best colours and have this made into garments for me to wear professionally to display how fantastic a custom fabric can look. Before my meeting with Nicky, I was excited and a little bit scared that all the clothes I have will be the wrong colour for me! But afterwards I felt relief that I was on the right track and surprised that I can actually wear some beautiful colours that I never felt I could. It was a great experience learning about my colour personality which I think matches me perfectly, creatively classic style. I would recommend doing a colour analysis to anyone. I think it has given me the confidence to wear clothes I didn’t feel I could previously and Nicky is fantastic.