Ready To Use Your Super Power In 2018?

Ready To Use Your Super Power In 2018?

In light of the New Year, I thought I’d share a heart-warming conversation I recently had with my five-year-old daughter, Olive.

We were driving to childcare the week before Christmas and Ollie was wearing her Wonder Woman t-shirt. She told me how she wished she too had super powers, with a sulky pout on her face.

I told her she did which, as you’d imagine, intrigued her. So I explained how it worked….that by changing the expression she had from pout to smile, she’d start to feel better.

After some gentle encouragement, pulling silly faces and flashing a big smile at her, she began giggling and of course smiling.

She then said: “Mummy, the super power worked! I feel happy now!”

She was busting to tell her little friends they too have the super power and to show them how it worked.

Ollie has since used her “super power” to make her feel better whenever she’s feeling flat, and has even reminded me at times (probably when she thinks she’s in trouble!… the cheeky monkey).

That super power is known at the Facial Feedback Hypothesis. You also have it. We all do…..yet many are not consciously aware of it.

We tend to understand that how we feel – our mood – determines our facial expression at the time. Here’s the thing – if feeling crappy, you don’t have to stay feeling that way. Changing your expression, by smiling, can alter your mood.

Go on, try it.

This awareness is my New Year’s gift to you, for you. Remember it, and use it, whenever you need a boost.

Happy New Year…..bring on another year of your awesomeness!