How To Wear Colour To Your Advantage

How To Wear Colour To Your Advantage

Although we try hard to embrace ourselves, many women, and even men, worry about certain parts of their body, notably the tummy and mid region, the hips, bottom and thighs.

So here are a couple of simple style tips involving a `column of colour’ to cover those areas and make you look and feel fabulous.

The beauty of a column of colour is that, by being an unbroken vertical line, it elongates the body making it look slimmer and taller.

The Outer Column – camouflage the bottom, hips and thighs
Wear a statement coat, cape or long vest over your outfit to make you look chic while camouflaging the problem areas. Play with colour and have fun with your clothes while the outer layer takes care of everything else.
outer column

The Inner Column – camouflage the tummy, mid region
Wear monochromatic colours for your bottoms and tops to camouflage the mid area and add a statement jacket to elevate your style.
While a darker colour may be slimming, why not choose other colours for an equally effective look?
inner column inner column 2

With cooler weather upon us, it’s the perfect time to pull out your favourite coats and jackets and wear them to your advantage!