How To Wear Horizontal Stripes

How To Wear Horizontal Stripes

You know when you put on a striped garment and you feel and look wider than what you really are?

Horizontal stripes can be tricky and more noticeable – and unforgiving – than vertical lines. They make the eye travel from side to side, giving the illusion of width instead of height.

The wider apart the stripes are, the wider you appear. Same goes for the thickness of the stripes. The finer the stripe, the more slimmer you appear.

Similar theory for the colour contrast of stripes – the higher the contrast (for example, black and white), the more obvious and widening the garment can be. The lower the contrast, such as darker colours, the more flattering it is. Have a look at these images to see the visual effect.

horizontal lines dress horizontal lines skirt horizontal lines topsThe rule to remember is to avoid wearing horizontal stripes on the widest part of the body or areas you’d rather hide.

This includes horizontal lines of the garment such as a shirt, jacket or dress hemlines, sleeve hems, and accessories or decorations like buttons and piping – ensure these end on a narrow point. Unless of course, you want to widen your appearance or assets.

Avoid pulling your tops down as far as they can possibly go in hope of hiding the tummy or mid region….not only is it ineffective, the lower horizontal line visually shortens your legs.

Don’t get me wrong, stripes are fabulous and a classic print that never dates. All the more reason to nailing how to wear them.