Why Wearing The Right Colours Matter

Why Wearing The Right Colours Matter

Earlier this week I posted a colour challenge for you all on the What’s My Style Facebook page.

I asked which blue-tone dress looked better on Julia Roberts.

Most of you responded the dress on the right, which is correct. Well done!

julia colour test

Here’s why.

Julia Roberts’ natural skin colour has a warm undertone. The dress on the right has a warmer tone compared to the one on the left which has a cool tone, as demonstrated in the chart below.

warm and cool blueYou’ll therefore find the dress on the left wears Julia, in that you notice the dress first before the person. If you do a blink test, by closing your eyes for a few seconds then open them, you’ll see what I mean.  The warmer, and softer tone dress on the right doesn’t wear her, rather it compliments her natural colouring. We ideally want to be noticed for us, not have those we’re talking to distracted by what we’re wearing.

To explain further, your undertone is genetically determined by various pigments in your skin such as melanin, carotene and haemoglobin.

Because colours reflect on to your skin, the hues that you wear can either be flattering or not. Wearing colours compatible with your undertone will make you look more vibrant, healthy, even younger. Incompatible colours can make you look unwell, tired and highlight wrinkles and other blemishes. The same applies for your hair colour and make-up.

Cool colours have a blue undertone and warm colours have a yellow undertone as you’ll see below.

warm and cool colours chart

In addition to your natural skin colouring, it’s also helpful to know what contrast levels best suit you, ensuring an overall harmonious and flattering look.

In my experience, we tend to notice colour before other aspects of what we wear. We also tend to wear or avoid certain colours for various reasons. You can read more on the psychology of colour here.

Knowing how to wear colour to your advantage – personally and professionally – is helpful and something I can help you with through a Colour Analysis.