Worry You May Talk Too Much? Follow This Tip……

Worry You May Talk Too Much? Follow This Tip……

Ever noticed a person get restless while you’re talking?

If you think back to the last time it happened, could you have potentially been talking too much?

Hate to break it to you……you’re up against some serious challenges.

Research has found:

  • Our brain wanders 47 per cent of the time we’re awake
  • We have about 50,000 thoughts a day
  • And make some 35,000 decisions a day

There’s a good chance this insane amount of brain activity is happening while you talk.

How to keep their attention? Stick to the Traffic Light rule.

  • Keep your comments to 20 seconds (green) at which point the person likes and is listening to you, assuming the topic’s relevant, interesting and engages them.
  • If you’re still talking by the 30 second (amber) mark, you risk being too chatty.
  • Still talking at 40 seconds? (Red light flashing!) By this time the person’s potentially thinking you’re a bit of a boring rambler, is fidgety and mentally planning an escape.

traffic lights pic

Sometimes we’re oblivious to this while high on dopamine, the pleasure hormone that’s released in our body when talking about ourselves, egging us to go on, and on, and on….

Of course, the time limit does depend on the circumstances. If you’re having a deep and meaningful over a few drinks with your bestie or partner, rambling tends to be more tolerable. There’s also the communication style of individuals but that’s a blog for another time or I too risk rambling myself.

In networking, social and work situations, as well as phone discussions, try sticking to the Traffic Light rule.